Christian Martial Arts Association

-Praying Hands-

The Weapons of a True Warrior

Dr. Rodney E, Graham, Vice-President and Co-Founder                      of the Christian Martial Arts Association.

The United States' only certified and registered

Christian Martial Arts Association.  

Founded in 1996.

President Dr. Robert G. Graham began his martial arts training in 1973.  He had been encouraged by the late Soke Albert Church, Jr., to pursue training in jujitsu, after having pinned and submitted one of Church's advanced students.  Later, as Robert was studying Kamishin-Ryu Kempo Jujitsu,  he began to pursue other forms of martial arts, as well.  In time, Robert managed to obtain three 5th Dan rankings in other martial arts areas, including the coveted title of Master Instructor from the World Taekwondo Federation Kukkiwon of Seoul, Korea. Robert holds a 9th Dan ranking in Japanese Karate, as well.  In his 40+ years of martial arts training, he has been instructed and certified by the former WTF World Champion,  Grandmaster Yong Ha Lee.  Lee, himself, was the South Korean Marines' Instructor.  Robert has been certified under Grandmaster Young Chul Rho, as well. Rho has been featured on the cover of Taekwondo Times Magazine seven times, as well as having appeared in the magazine's articles, too.  Robert's certifications also include having received rank from Great-Grandmaster Hae Man Park, the Vice-President of Chung Do Kwan. Robert's fighting system includes taekwondo and karate competition award-winners in nearly 115 state, regional, Mainland US Nationals, US-Wide Nationals, and World-Class levels.  Robert has served as a certified referee in the American Open, the Korean-American Open, the US Open, and the Mexico Vs USA TKD Championships.  He is a 2-Time USA Martial Arts "Hall of Fame" Inductee (2009 and 2015).  He received the honors as "The Golden Lifetime Achievement" award and "The Nonprofit Organization of the Year" award winners, respectively. Robert was awarded both the Doctor of Martial Arts Philosophy and the Doctor of Martial Arts Science Degrees from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies, which is certified through the United States' Trades & Securities Commission.

                  Dr. Robert G. Graham, President and Co-Founder                                                    of the Christian Martial Arts Association.